President Hamilton

“What would have happened? How would the world be different if Alexander Hamilton had become President of the United States? Lewis Ben Smith has an idea.”  -Amazon Reviewer

On July 11, 1804, a single bullet changed the course of American History. But what if it didn't?

Alexander Hamilton lies wounded and feverish after a deadly duel that ended the life of Vice President Burr. Hovering near death, he catches a glimpse of what lies ahead—and sees a Civil War that will consume a generation and poison America's Future. His vision compels him to return to the political arena.

He sets his eyes on the Senate, and then the White House, enlisting former allies and reconciling with old enemies in his quest to become President and crush slavery.

Overcoming great odds while facing down enemies at home and abroad, Hamilton moves steadily toward his goal—but there are some who will stop at nothing to derail the President's crusade for liberty. Will they succeed?


President Hamilton: A Novel of Alternative History by Lewis Ben Smith
Year of Publication: 2021;
Available in softcover paperback and eBook
Published by eLectio Publishing