Theophilus: A Tale of Ancient Rome

“This novel will grab you by the front of the shirt and pull you in face-first!  No one does ancient Rome better than Lewis B. Smith.”– Dai-Keag-Ity, Amazon Reviewer

For two thousand years his name was unknown. His story was untold. When members of Rome’s most despised religious minority are accused by Emperor Nero himself of starting the Great Fire, will any man have the courage to stand up for them? One man would.

His name was Marcus Quintus Publius, a brilliant lawyer, a confidant of Emperors, a fearless soldier, and a man of integrity – a rare combination in Nero's Rome!

His journey takes him from the windswept shores of Britain all the way to the Parthian capitol of Ecbatana, crossing paths with crooked governors, barbarian invaders, monstrous beasts, maniacal tyrants, and the apostles of the Empire’s newest faith, Christianity.

He is hailed as imperator by his troops on the field and called “The Scourge of the Provinces” by corrupt politicians.  Now he faces his greatest challenge yet– defending Rome’s Christians against a mad Emperor. He may finally earn the name given him by Paul of Tarsus – Theophilus, the “Lover of God” – but what will his stand cost him?

Theophilus: A Tale of Ancient Rome by Lewis Ben Smith Year of Publication: 2017; 410 pages Available in softcover paperback and eBook Published by eLectio Publishing